How to become an actor?
  How to become an actor? How to become an actor?  

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Road Map to Hollywood

One who found a path to a career in the movies without formal training shows others the way.

By Dilly Welkins


CAUTION - Randal Patrick says he "never was one to shy away from an adventure."

So when he says a bunch of his college mates walking over the set of movie that was being filmed in Atlanta 18 years ago, he walked over with them. when they started changing clothes in wardrobe, he changed too.

"I worked two weeks for $10 a day as an extra," he says "Never went back to college and I've been making a living in the movie business ever since."

He Played in Hopscotch with Walter Matthew, coward of the country with Kenny Rogers and in the Line of Duty with Clint Eastwood. He's been in episodes of Matlock MASH, In the Heat of the Night and Star Trek - The Next Generation.

Patrick, who resides in Nashville, will play a bailiff in the courtroom scenes of A Time to Kill, now filming here.

Today and Saturday he will conduct a seminar " So You Wanna Be In Picture " to tell others how they, too can make a living in movies and TV without any formal training, Along with Phil Kramer, he has written a book on the subject Hollywood USA. (Eggman See SEMINAR SE)

Seminar Details

What :
"So You Wanna Be In Picture" seminar.

Where :
Hal & Mal's, 200 S. Commerce, Jackson.

When :
Friday and Saturday, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Cost :
$150 (includes copy of the book Hollywood USA and Lunch)

Details :
962 - 6920

How to become an actor?